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Oxygen Exfoliation

Oxygen Exfoliation

Three technologies in one machine to oxygenate, exfoliate, nourish and sculpt

1.The probe with the cleansing pod gently exfoliates and oxygenates the skin. The special tablet exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, smooth and renew the skin, preparing it to receive active nutrients. The produced CO2 bubbles gently burst on the skin surface which creates a physiological response, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area to increase capillary flow and skin metabolism. Based on a natural process in our body called the “Bohr Effect”, a layer of carbon dioxide is generated on the skin’s surface to trigger this effect, which releases oxygen into the skin. Oxygenation results in optimal absorption of active ingredients.

2.The next step is  performed with the tripolar radiofrequency probe or a massage handpiece, based on the individual's skin needs.

3. Next, a targeted serum is applied to the skin and the ultrasound handpiece stimulates micro-vibrations, allowing the skin to absorb the serum’s nutrients more deeply.

4. As the next step, a mask is applied and a small oxygen dome is placed over the face. The dome is connected to an oxygen concentrator machine which will increase the percentage of oxygen in the airflow, speeding up cell regeneration and promoting healing.

5. Finally, an oxygen airbrush will spray a nourishing/hydrating serum that will be delivered as a fine mist which will greatly increase its absorption.

The oxygenating exfoliation is safe for all skin tones and can treat sensitive skin without any irritation. This is a gentler alternative to microdermabrasion and hydradermabrasion. Best for dull skin in need of a no-downtime glow!

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