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Suzy Mate - Owner and Esthetician 

Healthy, vibrant skin gives you confidence. It is my mission to research and find the best natural and safe  products and techniques that are beneficial for the skin. As someone who personally struggled with acne for many years, I successfully reversed my acne scars with microneedling when it was barely known in the United States. I followed my passion and opened my own skincare business in Miami Beach in 2016, and I have been helping others to achieve their skin goals ever since. I have a holistic approach to beauty and focus on organic skin care, and recognize the importance of nutrition and life style. Nearing the age of 50, I choose to avoid injections and my goal is to keep using natural treatments/devices to help me and my clients age gracefully. I provide my clients with desirable results by combining the best non-toxic skincare products with innovative technology.

I have extensive training and certifications in the following areas:

  • Microneedling, Treatments of Acne & Scarring

  • Plasma Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening

  • Microcurrent Facial Toning & Mesotherapy

  • Radiofrequency & Cryotherapy

  • Advanced Face Massage & Ancient Gua Sha

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