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Korean Cold Plasma Pen

Miami Natural Skincare is partnered with Hypla Dual to provide training and support for purchases within the USA. Hypla Dual is a non-invasive plasma device that is a versatile and cost effective addition to all your skincare treatments.  Hypla Dual generates low-temperature plasma, which has numerous benefits for the skin. It increases the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity, making it ideal for treating wrinkles caused by aging and UV radiation. It increases the absorption of ingredients applied topically and improves the effectiveness of other treatments. Due to the antibacterial and regenerative properties of ozone plasma, it is highly effective for treating acne of any type and stage, including cystic acne. Non-thermal plasma calms the skin and promotes wound healing, therefore it is the perfect treatment even for sensitive and damaged skin. HyplaDual is an innovative technology made in South Korea that can improve virtually any skin condition! Click below to order!

The Power Of Cold Plasma


No needles, no dots, no numbing, no pain, no downtime!!!


Plasmas are the fourth state of matter, after the well-known solids, liquids and gases. The benefits of cold plasma were discovered in the esthetic field as well and led to exiting new treatment options including the non-invasive, low-temperature  plasma technology that involves no pain or downtime and can be used on all Fitzpatrick types and suitable for nearly all skin conditions. Aside from reducing the risk of side effects and downtime associated with invasive ablative treatments, non-ablative cold plasma treatments use controlled non-thermal plasma energy to target and treat the skin without damaging it. The generated energy in the form of an ionized gas is emitted to the dermis in micro-pulses, triggering the skin’s healing response to promote new collagen growth.

Cold plasma benefits:

  • Disinfects and sterilizes

  • Anti-aging, boosts collagen production

  • Lifts, tightens, and brightens the skin

  • Diminishes wrinkles and pigmentation

  • Very efficient for acne treatment

  • Can treat melasma, psoriasis, and rosacea

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