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Vacuum Technology Water Exfoliation

What is Hydrodermabrasion?

Hydrodermabrasion is a gentle exfoliating procedure that gives the skin a refreshed, smooth feel. Hydrodermabrasion differs from microdermabrasion because it uses the power of water and vacuum suction instead of abrasive crystals or diamond tips. With hydrodermabrasion, the device sprays a jet of water droplets that are suctioned away, which exfoliates the skin. This treatment is more gentle than microdermabrasion, with similar results, but it also has the added benefit of improving circulation and hydrating the skin. 

Miami Natural Skincare's Hyrdodermabrasion treatment includes a full facial with enzyme exfoliation, manual and ultrasonic extractions, face, neck and décolleté massage, then a mask. This is the perfect facial for anyone who feels that their skin is dull and wants an extra level of deep cleansing without more aggressive peels and treatments. Mild redness may occur and usually disappears by the end of the facial.

Hydrodermabrasion price:

$180 (1 hour 10 minutes)

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